Sunday, February 19, 2012

Single digit countdown...

Isn't the medal beautiful??!!??
The Disney Princess Half Marathon will be over by this time next Sunday...  I will have my beautiful medal around my neck and the biggest sh*t-eatin' grin on my face!

I had the most awesome dream  about the race last night.  While I am always excited to run a race, especially a half, there is something about this race that has me beyond excited!  I dreamed about donning my beautiful Belle outfit (thanks to my creative mother-in-law), completing the race, and getting a PR to boot!  If I remember correctly, the time in my dream was 2:32:48 (11:40/mile).  Totally random number, but a PR none the less.  While I would love to PR at Disney with that time, I am doubtful it will happen.  That time is about 7 minutes faster than my current half PR and it is a lofty time reduction.  The goal of this race is to have fun and finish!  I am so very  ecstatic to have this coming to fruition!

Every time I think about running the Disney Princess Half, I am filled with so many emotions...  I mean, I have said it hundreds of times, but this is the race that started it all.  This is the race that I set as my goal when I started running in the summer of 2010.  There have been many times since then that I wasn't sure it would ever happen...  But, it is happening!  I have worked hard...  I have struggled through crappy runs, I have run in the rain, I have run in the miserable heat, I have run in the bone-chillin' cold...  All in preparation for this race.

Jason and I will be leaving Raleigh very early Friday morning.  We'll spend the day Friday in Epcot, followed by dinner at Nine Dragons (the hubs' favorite!).  On Saturday morning we'll head over to the Expo and then we are hoping to meet up with my best friend and her son.  As always, we are looking forward to seeing Margaret and Gavin - fun times always!  On Saturday evening, we are having an early dinner at Kona Cafe so that we can get to bed early!  Sunday will be a ridiculously early morning.  I have to be in my corral by 5 a.m.!  After the race, we'll probably head back to the hotel and maybe take a nap - who knows!  Then we'll celebrate with dinner that evening at the California Grill!  On Monday, we'll probably go to the Magic Kingdom, then that evening we'll stay at the Hyatt Regency at the airport.  We'll be back home on Tuesday.  Whirlwind trip, but it will be awesome!

What do I have in mind after this one?  No one can guess.  I am sure that there will be many more half marathons.  Who knows??...  Maybe a Disney Marathon is in the cards...  


  1. That's awesome! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!!

  2. BEST of luck!! I will be looking for you in your Belle costume. I'll be the one in the Minnie costume (though, there will probably be about 1000 people in Minnie costumes)!!!