Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ridiculously cold

The temps in North Carolina are usually chilly in November.  This year, we've had several weeks where the temps were in the 60s/70s.  That made running in the evening nice.  It meant that I could wear capri pants with a long sleeve shirt and be fine.  Well, that was until this weekend.  On Saturday, it snowedI hate snow.  If I didn't love North Carolina so much, I would move somewhere warmer.  Of course, Florida is dealing with the same cold weather that we are right now.

Running in this ridiculously cold weather is no good.  I can handle 50 degrees, but not the current 30-ish degrees plus wind.  That's just ain't gonna happen.  Looks like I'll be hanging out on the "dreadmill" some for the next few days.  Oh boy! - I can't wait to look like a hamster on a wheel!

Here's to the temps warming up in NC very soon so I can run outside again!

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