Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My thoughts on Weight Watchers

Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I had recommitted to following Weight Watchers.  I have been on and off the Weight Watchers plan since 2005 (and probably once or twice while I was a teenager).  This time the commitment is for the long haul. 

I am not sure how many people follow Weight Watchers, but I had great results several years ago and it will be helpful for me for years to come.  When I last used Weight Watchers, the plan was called the Momentum plan.  The new plan, introduced on November 29, is called Points Plus.  I love the new plan, but it look a little getting used to the first week.  While there wasn't a huge change from the counting of point values, etc. it was just a little different. 

Why did they change things?  It is my understanding that they changed the Weight Watchers plan after years of research.  The Points Plus plan centers around the calculation of fats, protein, carbs and fiber.  This is different from the former calorie, fat, and fiber calculations.  Why?  They have done extensive research and now the plan accounts for how the body breaks down calories based on the other nutritional content of the food. 

What do I notice as other big changes from the Momentum plan:
  • The minimum number of Points Plus for a person is 29.  You also get 49 weekly points that allow for flexibility:  special occasions, treats, and mistakes in calculations. 
  • The new plan seems to reward individuals for making more healthy, whole food choices.  Gone are the days of 100 calorie packs instead of fruit or veggies.  I was always amazed by how quickly WW friends would choose a 100 calorie pack of cookies over a banana (both 2 points on Momentum) when the banana was clearly a better long-term choice.
  • Almost all fruit and veggies have ZERO Points Plus - ZERO!  While I love this feature and I know that the plan accounts for several servings of fruit and veggies a day, I still make sure to track it in the online tracker, just in case. 
I think the new plan is great.  I am looking forward to going to my meeting to see my change for the week.  I  have lost 4.6 pounds since November 29 and look forward to continuing to lose more! 

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  1. Good job! I signed up for WW about 4 months ago and i am really enjoying the plan. I don't feel like i'm on a "diet" - and i've lost 12 pounds so far!