Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great couple of days....

The week has been awesome.  My organization closed the offices last Wednesday and will not reopen until Monday, January 3.  This has allowed me to have a much needed break.  Here's a summary of the last few days:

Jason and I were both suffering from a bit of cabin fever after being snowed in on Sunday.  We took it easy and relaxed Monday morning, then got ready to head out for some errands, etc.  The most awesome things about Monday: 
  • I got a "new" iPad!  Jason had the Wifi version, but gave me his when he bought the 3G version (Yes, I know that I am a lucky girl!). 
  • Very relaxing late lunch at Maggianos.  We had zucchini fritte as an appetizer and I had the best chicken francese.  Delish!

Jason had to work on Tuesday.  Since I got up when he did, I decided to go into my office for a while.  I packed my lunch and headed in to work on some Board meeting minutes and other miscellaneous outstanding items.  I left the office at 1 p.m. and spent the rest of the day doing "me" things.

The wonderful things about Tuesday:
  • Got a few things done at work that had been hanging over my head - feeling so much better about enjoying the rest of my time off!
  • Went to Fleet Feet and got myself an after Christmas treat with my Christmas money.  I got myself a pair of Saucony Kinvaras!  I am looking forward to testing them out this weekend while we are in Beaufort visiting my parents.

  • Worked out at the gym for nearly 2 hours - 45 minutes on the treadmill, weights/kettle bells and 20 minutes on the stairmill (I am bound and determined to get to 30 minutes on that thing!)
  • Got to visit Jasemin and get a haircut

Today has probably been the best day!  Here's what's most exciting about today:
  • Went to Weight Watchers this morning since we are heading out of town tomorrow.  I lost 3.6 pounds since last Wednesday.  While this is exciting, it is even more exciting that the lost happened over Christmas!  I had the foods I wanted over the holiday, but made sure that I didn't go crazy.  YAY!
  • Had a great personal training appointment with Rick.  We did my measurements for the month and he told me that I am his one true success story of the year.  He said that I wasn't just working out, but really working on transforming my entire health outlook.
  • Met with my counselor/therapist.  She said that I am "healed".  While we both agree that talking with her should continue, she praised the progress that I have made in working through my issues with communication and anxiety. 
  • Had lunch at my husband's office with my husband and his coworker, Erin.  I love our weekly lunches together!
  • Ran some errands at Southpointe.  Got some new eye shadow from Bare Minerals and some Philosophy lotion.
  • Going to dinner with my hubs at Milton's!

See!  It has been a wonderful week and it can only get better.  Jason and I are heading to Beaufort to visit with my family tomorrow.  I am looking forward to the adventures in Carteret County!

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  1. Good for you, on all you've accomplished!
    I showed your blog to a friend of mine and she said it's like reading about herself. She was inspired to set up her own blog.