Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow on the day after Christmas

This is what I saw when I looked out of the back door this morning...  While I don't normally like snow, I have to say that this is pretty.  I even ventured out to the front of our condo complex and took some more pictures. 

As pretty as it is, I hope it melts soon.  I was hoping to run or go to the gym today, but this is thwarting my plans.  I know that some people run in the snow, but this girl isn't one of them!

A memory from my last Christmas-time snow:

It was several days before Christmas 1989.  I was 9-years old, living in Beaufort, NC with my parents.  A few days before Christmas, the local weather people forecasted a little bit of snow.  Needless to say, they were wrong - it snowed a lot.  While my memories may be a little off, I remember a very large snow drift that seemed to cover my Mom's car completely.

I seem to remember that Mama and I wanted to make some snow cream.  I had heard about Mama making snow cream as a child when she living in Maine.  But, a more accurate memory would probably be that I wanted some snow cream and my parents were happy to participate.  We didn't have any milk, but we knew that the Tee-Pee (little neighborhood convenience store) was open.  My wonderful Daddy got bundled up and said he would walk to the store to get some milk.  I am still amazed that he was willing to do this for his little girl...  As Daddy was getting ready to leave, I said "Daddy, go down the railroad tracks.  It won't take as long because you won't have to go up to Lennoxville Road."  He listened... 

I remember thinking that Daddy was gone a long time.  Mama and I hunkered down and watched a movie while he was gone.  It seemed like he was gone over an hour, for a walk that would have taken him no longer than 20 minutes there and back on a regular day.  My suggestion to walk down the railroad tracks was not a good one.  It nearly killed my Daddy.  When he got home he looked exhausted (an understatement).  Then his side of the story followed.

When Daddy left the house, he did go down the railroad tracks.  Unfortunately, no one had walked down the tracks and it was covered more than the road would have been.  When he finally reached the Tee-Pee, he said that he laid down on the floor of the store, just so he could catch his breath.  Once he got his breath, he got the milk and headed home.  Needless to say, he didn't take the railroad tracks back - he definitely walked down Lennoxville Road back to our house.  When he got home, he basically said he would never listen to me again.  Now, that I think back on it - who in their right mind would listen to a 9-year old little girl?  Oh the sacrifices a Daddy will make for their little girl and wife.  Boy, how I still remember the taste of that snow cream - so good. 

I would love some now, but we have no milk.  I think I will just stay in the warm of our condo instead of trying to venture to the Harris Teeter. 

(Entrance to our condo building)

(The pool area at our condo)

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  1. How beautiful! I've never seen a white Christmas! :0) Hope you had a great one!