Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{Three Weeks till "Operation Fix Me"}

This shiz is gettin' real...  

My surgery is exactly three weeks from today.  I cannot even begin to describe accurately the emotions I am feeling.  I am ridiculously excited and nervous.  I'd say 90% excited and 10% nervous.

There's a lot I have to do between now and then.  Here's the short list:

  • Prepare and freeze some more meals for Jason and me 
  • Move some things around in the kitchen to make them easier for Jason to reach
  • Talk to a few friends about their schedules, etc. to see if they can come visit and/or bring meals to us
  • Write up list and do a big grocery shopping trip the day before surgery
  • Finish writing "Surgery Guide" for my Mama.  My parents will be coming from Tuesday, November 27 through Sunday, December 2.  My Mama wants to do lots of things to help while she's around.  Things I was thinking she could do:
    • Bag small amounts of snacks for me - almonds, "trail mix" (almonds, pistachios, and raisins or almonds with chocolate chips)
    • Bag small snacks for J to put in his lunch each day
    • Cook a few crockpots worth of soup and/or spaghetti to freeze
    • Prepare chicken breasts with various marinades to freeze (easy for me to cook)
    • Any other ideas???
  • Work my arse off at CrossFit because I won't be able to go for a month.  BOO!
What am I missing?  The nurse said that doing this surgery is like preparing to have a baby.  Since I know absolutely no knowledge of preparing for a baby - what am I missing????


  1. Let us know if we can help! - Natalie

  2. Laundry instructions!

    1. You beat me to it -- I was going to say your mom could do laundry while you're out of commission!