Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Busy week

Do you ever feel like a short, 4-day work week is way worse than a regular 5-day work week?  That's this week for me.  My organization advocates for cities, towns and villages in the North Carolina General Assembly.  This week we have 2 very important meetings associated with our 2011 advocacy goals - our Board of Directors will meet all-day tomorrow and many of our members will be here for a conference on Thursday.  Needless to say, that means a very busy week for me.  Normally, a Board meeting on Wednesday and a conference on Thursday wouldn't bother me but being off yesterday nearly killed me!

This morning, I found out that the local Weight Watchers center has open hours beginning at 8 a.m.  I went to weigh in before work.  I was down 2.4 pounds - this puts me back where I was before I gained the last two weeks.  Hoping I can stick with the losing trend!  Since work will continue to be extremely busy through at least July, I think I might change my weigh-in day.  I think I will start going to weigh-in at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, and then go to an actual meeting at some other point in the week.  Going on Tuesday morning will at least ensure that I weigh every week. 

The rest of the day was ridiculously busy.  At one point in the afternoon, I emailed my trainer and told him there was no way I could make our 5 p.m. appointment - this did not make me happy.  As the afternoon progressed, I knew that I couldn't miss my appointment.  Yes, I was extremely busy at work but missing my appointment would be more detrimental than it was worth - I would be in a crappy mood if I missed for work.  As soon as 4:30 rolled around, I jumped up from my desk and went to the gym.  My workout with Rick sucked, but in the best way possible.  It was just what I needed to take my mind off the stress from work.  I hope the endorphins from the workout sustain me for the next two hellacious days!

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