Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am a chicken, a big ole chicken.  There, I admitted it. 

This morning, I was piddling around the house waiting to head to my normal Saturday 9 a.m. run with Sarah and Alisha.  As I was getting ready to get dressed, I got an email from Sarah.  She was suggesting that we run this afternoon, as it was 25 degrees and she had her limits.  Well, of course, I was really disappointed that we weren't getting together and tried to act all bad-ass saying it wasn't that cold. 

Boy, was I wrong!  I got ready and got in the car to go to the gym and I thought I was gonna freeze.  My teeth were chattering the entire 15 minute drive to the gym.  I forced myself to run on the dreadmil at the gym.  Unfortunately, I could only muster 1 mile.  That damn thing is so boring!  I finished up my workout with 30 minutes on the stairmill, followed by some kettlebell exercises. 

I am trying very hard to not complain about the weather, but this cold mess has got to stop.  Nothing against Minnesota, but seriously, if I wanted to live there I would have moved there! 


  1. Haha no, seriously. It is friggin cold! I went to the gym and did 30 on the elliptical and 30 on the stair thingy. Holy crap, my heart rate was like 175 the whole time! And now I'm sore!

  2. Sorry you had to revert to running at the gym...I agree...the treadmill is so boring! lol Hope it warms up for you soon! :0)

  3. I'm developing a treadmill tolerance since IL has entered the point in January where hell freezes over. This morning's temp....-11 (before you factor in windchill). Good thing Husband has access to a high school field house with an indoor track or that 4 miles on a treadmill would be killer!

    Good job on working out anyway and braving those *positive* double digits to get to the gym :)