Monday, January 31, 2011

Moment of absolute (unnecessary) panic

Today, I receive an email regarding the Run for the Warriors in Jacksonville, NC.  About a month ago, I decided that this was going to be my very first half marathon.  I have talked about it over and over since making the decision, but today was different.  I was absolutely panic-stricken when I received the email about registration being open for the race. 

Where had the person that was so excited gone?  I have no clue, but the thoughts running through my head went something like this:
  • Only skinny people should run more than a 5K.  (I am not skinny.  I haven't been "skinny" since I was born over 30 years ago.)
  • Only fast people should run a half marathon.  (I am not fast, but I am not the slowest person either.  I am a penguin runner and I embrace it.)
  • You don't run.  You do intervals (run/walk).  That isn't running; that is cheating.  (I believe I am a runner.  Therefore, I am a runner.)
  • You will never finish.  (I will finish.  I might be walking, I might be last, I might be crying or laughing, but I will finish.)
  • You need to stop kidding yourself.  You have never stuck with anything more than 6 months in your life.  (I made the decision to transform myself in May 2010.  I started running on July 24, 2010.  I have been at this just over 6 months and I ain't stoppin'.)
Well, those thoughts were absolutely ridiculous.  I even went to the extent of emailing my running buddy and telling her that I didn't think our training program was right.  We have worked out a plan and it will work.  I told Sarah to file my email under the emails that never should have been written because it was absolute psychobabble associated with having hit the "submit" button on the registration page. 

I have moved past those thoughts and I am going forward.  Sarah and I are gonna rock the Run for the Warriors on May 14.  We are going to finish the half marathon and be happy about it, no matter how long it takes us. 

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